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Relationships About Home Episode 11 Review

Relationships About Home Episode 11 Review

  • Lu Jin’s mom match Gu Sheng Nan.
  • There is a party in the Yard Fry Diner


Li Guy enters the bedroom and offer Chairwoman Zheng an update to the Lu Jin and exactly why he or she is staying in Suhai.

Chairwoman Zheng’s Viewpoint

Lu Jin’s mom will not genuinely believe that Gu Sheng Nan is suitable having Lu Jin. She believes that Li Kid is the best to own Lu jin.

However, Lu Jin cannot go along with his mom. Lu Jin believes he and Li Kid discover one another as well better are a couple. He feels he or she is an effective exactly as co-professionals.

Chairwoman Zheng raises most other ladies who could well be suitable for Lu Jin up to now. Lu Jin have reason the guy does not like those females.

Gu Sheng Nan is extremely astonished whenever Lu Jin asks the girl to meet up Chairwoman Zheng. Gu Sheng Nan provides Lu Jin a difficult time in the meeting their mommy.

The newest Fulfilling

When Xu Zhaodi and you will Gao Quan An enthusiastic hear about Gu Sheng Nan meeting Lu Jin’s mommy, he could be determined to simply help the woman make good effect.

They provide Gu Sheng Nan suggestions about remaining the lady composure, remaining the lady voice off, rather than answering questions otherwise comments which can be designed to embarrass the lady.

Throughout the Xu Zhaodi and you will Gao Quan An’s instructions we find aside one to Lu Jin is 36 and you may Gu Sheng Nan was 21. So they really was fifteen years apart!!

When Lu Jin registers Gu Sheng Nan toward see with his mommy, Gu Sheng Nan are dressed even more maturely than usual. This grabs Lu Jin off guard.

At the Lu Jin’s home, Chairwoman Zheng asks Gu Sheng Nan a number of questions. A number of Gu Sheng Nan’s responses generate Lu Jin cough from inside the astonishment.

When you’re Lu Jin is finished, Chairwoman Zheng offers to shell out Gu Sheng Nan to depart the girl son. Gu Sheng Nan responds from the politely excusing by herself and you may leaves.

Gu Sheng Nan teases Lu Jin in the bringing funds from his mommy to break up with him. Lu Jin will not imagine it is comedy.

Cooking Competition

It part reveals many shots off cooking. it shows Manager Shen, Cheng Ziqian and Li Mann sampling numerous products.

Brand new Bauhinia Hotel kitchen area staff has an opponent to see who will get ready getting Chairwoman Zheng when she concerns go to the hotel.

Chef Wang says to Gu Sheng Nan when he gains, he will take their special lady on a holiday within the world.

Li Man appears especially unwilling to choose on the better chef, in the end Gu Sheng Nan victories new nomination so you can prepare to have Chairwoman Zheng.

Your kitchen employees mention exactly how Gu Sheng Nan provides support regarding Lu Jin. It’s no surprise she acquired the group.

Occasion at Yard Fry Diner

Family relations and you can neighbors gathered during the Yard Fry Diner so you can enjoy Gu Sheng Nan’s triumph. Lu Jin awkwardly consist alone amidst the brand new thrill. He had been within the impact which he is by yourself which have Gu Sheng Nan.

Grandpa Gu makes several notices toward cluster. He lets the guests know that Gu Sheng Nan happens to be a successful chef. He raises Gu Sheng Nan’s employer, Lu Jin, towards the category.

Lu Jin awkwardly stacks up. A few of the guests on people tease regarding Lu Jin and you will Gu Sheng Nan curious its dating. Will they be actually just a boss and you will subordinate?

Adopting the statement, Gu Sheng Nan attempts to promote Lu Jin appeal, however, this lady grandpa ushers the woman away to talk with most other travelers.

Grandpa Gu requires the opportunity to speak to Lu Jin. Lu Jin is apparently relieved when Grandfather Gu is known as away to create.

There is lots away from flirting and lazy chatter at this celebration. Lu Jin cannot eliminate it.


The fresh occurrence ending is actually anticlimactic. New event finishes having Lu Jin checking embarrassing as much as Gu Sheng Nan’s friends. I happened to be hoping something more significant manage happen.

That it episode was still good, although not, since it encountered the unforgettable appointment between Gu Sheng Nan and you may Lu Jin’s mom.

I ask yourself any alternative difficulties Chairwomen Zheng will cause to own Lu Jin and you will Gu Sheng Nan? Are you experiencing any predictions?

And additionally do you catch Grandfather Gu talking to Lu Jin from the his pension? Do you consider he had been seeking to query Lu Jin to possess currency?